Community Enterprise Network of Western Herbal Alliances

RHTC, as an expert, has educated and gathered farmers and interested parties Cannabis cultivation in Kanchanaburi province. by providing knowledge support and investment

Community Enterprise

Network of Western Herbal Alliances

KAMBIS 6,960 sq.m.

KAMBIS : Gambis Agricultural Innovation Community Enterprise

River Kwai 480 sq.m.

Herbal Plant Medical Care Center of River Kwai Community Enterprise

CENWHA 590,000 sq.m.

Wang Krachae, Sai Yok district, Kanchanaburi province an area about 350 Rai (about 560,000 square meter) has an appropriate geography

Phanom Thuan Herbal 1,080 sq.m.

Land Plot Number 18030 : Community Enterprise of Phanom Thuan Herbal for health

West Land Herb 17,080 sq.m.

West Land Herb Community Enterprise

About our dispensary

Who We Are

We cultivation of medical cannabis in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and organic farm we control water cooling, LED lighting, temperature by technology in door and out door and we support the small farmers in Thailand  and our product the Premium Medical Cannabis from Thailand for world Market. The amount of THC is more than 30 percent. and Hemp for food industry.


Thailand’s National Cannabis Cultivation Program Is Off To A Strong Start

On June 9th, just a little over a week ago, Thailand embarked on a new cannabis public policy journey when it implemented its new national cannabis laws, and with it, launched a nationwide program in which households can sign up to cultivate low-THC cannabis.


Facility Consulting ​and Planning
100% Natural
Green House / Evap
Indoor Plant
Outdoor Plant

People taking care of people.

We are a manufacturing center to help promote medical research and help medical patients recover. We are a part of this support process.

Our Product

Our certified and high quality products, It is a product that we produce from the flowers, leaves and oil extracted from cannabis. The active ingredient that we extract from the flowers is THC, which is 16-30% in each species.


Pineapple express cannabis

THC 24%

Super lemon hash cannabis

THC 19.33%

Gorilla zkittlez cannabis

THC 24%

Critical orange punch cannabis

THC 20%

Values and Vision

RHTC will be the best medical cannabis grower in the world.

They want to combine innovation in Thai cannabis cultivation with modern technology to be able to be the best medical cannabis grower in the world. In particular, the important substance of Thai cannabis species must be introduced to the world. And bring income to Thailand and help poor farmers to have a stable income.